Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Adventure Elopement

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. So why do you find yourself dreading every single second of planning, preparing, and SPENDING for your quote on quote “perfect” day? The thought of entertaining that many people with all the attention on you isn’t all that glamorous when you think about every tiny detail that could go wrong on that day.

Fortunately for you, eloping takes all the yucky out of your wedding day and puts your love story at the top of the importance list again! Below are my top 5 reasons why you should have an adventure elopement, and trust me when I say you (and your bank account) will thank me later!

couple eloping on a bridge in teton national park with the autumn colors reflecting on Jenny Lake

1. You can spend less money on other people and more money on your adventure elopement

Between the venue, catering, photographer, florist, mua, cake, decor, planner, coordinator, announcements, wedding party gifts, AND SO MUCH MORE your bank account will be SCREAMING at you! So much money goes into a wedding that by the time you’ve said “I do” you’ll be wondering what the point of all of those credit card swipes was.

Did you know the average couple spends upwards of $28,000 for their traditional wedding day?

Eloping allows you to decide what you want to spend your money on. Maybe your dream is to have a destination ceremony in Iceland, but as the guest list wracks up so does that invoice. So why not run away with your lover, spend the money on plane tickets, an epic elopement photographer and videographer, your dream adventure elopement outfits, and let the rest of the story write itself!

2. There won’t be any stress to stay organized or keep your guests happy

What if the only thing you want is to marry your best friend in the mountains at some secret waterfall, but trying to get 100+ people up that mountain is impossible (and probably illegal lets be honest). And even if you did try to have a beautiful outdoor wedding, the aunts are fighting, the kids are crying, and somebody brought their fucking cat to your reception.

I think you know what I’m going to say next… Eloping takes all of the possibilities of someone ruining your day out of the equation. When you elope, it doesn’t matter where the mother in laws corsages are or the ring bearers pillow. The only thing you have to focus on is getting yourselves married.

Not to mention, think of all the time you’ll save when you don’t have to worry about planning and sending out announcements and making decorations? Being organized takes time… and when you elope you can be as little or as excessively organized as you want because nobody can tell you no!

3. Your elopement day is all about, not what your great aunt Karen wants

We’ve all been to a wedding where Aunt Karen shows up in a glamorous white dress and tries to be front and center in all of the group photos. Don’t even get me started on the drunk wedding party causing a scene, the random guest nobody knows about twerking too hard on the dance floor, and the divorced parents arguing a little too loudly about who should have to pay the dj….

If your head is ringing just thinking about the scene I described above, let me paint you a prettier picture… imagine waking up next to your lover, having breakfast together while you write your vows, heading to the ceremony site whenever you’re ready, enjoying a cup of coffee and some tequila shots while you listen to the birds chirping, reading love letters from your friends and family, then wandering through the downtown bars and sites until you decide to go back to the airbnb for popcorn and movies…

When there’s nobody else around, all of the focus for your adventure elopement day can be around you and your love story. Starting the rest of your lives together without worrying about anybody else.

4. Tradition is non-existent when you’re eloping

The fiddler on the roof can bite me, traditions are going out of style with each passing day. There is no reason you should feel obligated to throw your $400 bouquet in the air for all of your crazed single friends to fight over. I could make a whole list of tacky traditions, but I’ll spare you the cringe this time.

If a big traditional wedding just doesn’t sound like your thing, then that’s even more reason to elope! The only thing you HAVE to do is get that marriage license signed. Then as far as I’m concerned, you get to decide which wedding traditions you want to work in to your elopement schedule!

5. You only have one life, why not adventure now?

An adventure elopement is the dream for anybody wanting to skip the wedding drama. How many couples do you know can say they cried fucking UGLY together on a cliff while they read their vows privately to one another. That kind of raw emotion with your lover is un-matched. When you decide to elope, you’re basically signing up to go on the best adventure of your life together.

And I’m not just talking helicopter into the middle of a mountain (although that would be one hell of an adventure). You can have your elopement at the damn Chic-fil-a down the street and it’ll be an adventure simply because you decided to create your wedding day uniquely about you.

Your elopement wedding is a day you want to remember forever and ever. Don’t waste it on expensive decorations, shitty guests, and a whole load of stressful planning. Start the rest of your lives together by saying “I do” and just letting the rest of the story write itself <3

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have an Adventure Elopement

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