its more than just taking pretty pictures...

Get to Know Your Idaho
Elopement Photographer

I'm born and raised in Idaho but have lived in 3 other states

I'm a highschool volleyball coach

I have 4 dogs (Buddy, Otis, Goose, & Olive) and a cat (Toast) and I consider them my children

I'm a total tequila advocate...

My bf Jacob and I have been together for 2 years this May!

In my free time I like to play Call of Duty: Cold War and Minecraft

I geek out about anything Star Wars or Spiderman

I'm afraid of the dark and won't walk anywhere dark without my phone flashlight on

I played volleyball in college and graduated with my Associates, but dropped out while pursuing my Bachelors in Biology (lol)

My favorite drink is Sugar Free Redbull and my favorite food is ham all the way!

Your elopement and wedding story deserves to be told...

Let's tell your wedding or elopement story in it's most natural and real form.

I don't direct traffic, I document stories! There is no better way to capture you among your family and friends than right in the moment. 

My style is authentic and unposed. I choose to photograph my couples with love and intention so as so create a memory that will last an eternity!

it's about telling YOUR love story

What does your Idaho Elopement experience look like to you?

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How long I've been a professional photographer:

5 years professionally, 10 years total

How many weddings I've photographed:

100+ Weddings and Elopements

How many states/countries I've shot in:

12 States and 2 countries

What cameras I use currently for weddings:

2 Canon R6's, 1 Canon Mark IV, Mavic Mini 3

How many photographers I currently mentor:

6 one on one and 100's online

What my favorite part of my job is:

telling YOUR story the best way possible

lets hang out!!

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