Let's be honest anybody with an iPhone can be a photographer these days... But what does it take to create an experience? A story? What about those in between moments that go unnoticed? Luckily for you, those quiet asides, inside jokes, and perfectly told love stories are what I'm best at!

let's tell your elopement story the right way,,,

Changing the meaning of "elopement" one couple at a time!

Save Money

Weddings are too damn expensive... eloping gives you the financial freedom to live out your dream fairy tale ending!

Less Stress

Skip the drama, marry your soul mate without stressing about everyone else around you on YOUR day.

Adventure More

Pick somewhere EPIC to say "I do" and remember your elopement day as an adventure, not a wedding nightmare.

More Love

Elopements are the definition of intimate, and you deserve to have intimate moments with each other without interruptions.

Let your fairy tale elopement day become a reality...

Hi, I'm Jayde! The Idaho and PNW elopement photographer who believes in your dream elopement day!

I heard you are looking for the photographer of your dreams...

Yep, I'm the loud ass girl with the crazy colored hair/eyelashes, tatted up, with a little bit of a potty mouth... 

I'm also the girl who is in LOVE with adventuring in the mountains, dancing in the rain, and of course telling your love story. After 6 years in business, I've gotten PRETTY good at this story-telling thing, and your micro-wedding and elopements are my favorite stories to tell!

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Why Choose

Jayde Mikenzie?

I help you plan your wedding and elopement timeline.

No awkward poses here, I just let y'all be yourselves in whatever is comfiest for you.

I am a chameleon, I can get along with virtually anyone!

I am always down for a tequila shot in the mountains!

Ready to plan your elopement?

Let's get to work creating mood boards, finding the rest of your vendors, planning your timeline, finding new adventures for you to enjoy together, and of course just hanging out together!

let's get started!