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jayde mikenzie presets

this ones for the photographers craving nostalgic, filmy, true-to-color presets that will uplevel your editing in one click

I'm the type of photographer who is always evolving and changing my style as i evolve and change my business. i've always been stuck trying to find the perfect preset that's moody without compromising color but one that also gives that nostalgic feeling we all love so much.

so i created this preset pack

nostalgic, true-to-color, filmy presets for the story tellers and dreamers.

say goodbye to endless hours of editing and say hello to one-click presets that give your photos that feeling you've been missing.

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whats included?

this preset pack comes with 7 color presets, 3 black and white presets, 8 quick adjustment presets and 4 light leak brush presets.

what programs do these presets work on?

These presets have 2 unique color profiles that only work in lightroom classic and camera raw.

what format of photos can I use these on?

I've created these presets for raw photos only. using them on jpg files will not give you the right coloring or quality of edit.