Engagement Photoshoots With Dogs

Have your engagement photoshoot with your dogs is so special! Engagement photos are a great way to capture the excitement of this special moment in your life. Bringing your dogs along is a great way to keep them involved! And of course it makes them so happy. Below are a few things to help make your photoshoot with your dogs even more special!

forest engagement with corgi dogs

Choose a location that will make your dog feel comfortable.

If you decide to take your engagement photos outside, you’ll probably want to find a spot where you won’t be disturbed by other people or other dogs. It’s a lot easier to keep your dog interested in what you’re doing when there aren’t any other distractions during your engagement photos. This also allows you to get some photos with your dogs off leash!

Bring along treats or toys to keep them entertained during your engagement photoshoot

You might also want to bring along some treats for your dog so he or she feels more relaxed. This also makes it easier for the photographer to get your pups attention when you want a photo of them looking into the camera! Bringing your dogs some treats is the easiest way to get the best photos possible!

forest engagement with corgi dogs

Have fun with your dog!

Move around a lot!! You can use props like hats, sunglasses, and even a leash to bring out his or her playful side. Run around and get your dog excited and involved in the photoshoot. Maybe even have them do tricks! And of course snuggle a lot, give them lots of kisses, and tell them how much you love them!

Dogs are the perfect addition to your engagement photos! We love our pets, and you want to make sure they get the attention they deserve in this special time in your life! Bring them along and get the perfect pics to share with your friends and family before your wedding day! <3

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Engagement Photoshoots With Dogs

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