The Best Guide on How to Elope in Idaho

I know planning your elopement can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you’re planning on eloping somewhere like Idaho where there isn’t a ton of elopement information out there!! Below you’ll find tips on how to elope in Idaho, incredibly beautiful Idaho elopement locations, and the best elopement vendors to help you have the most perfect day possible! 

The first and most important thing to remember when planning your elopement is that this day is about YOU. I love elopements because it brings that focus back into you as a couple instead of the wedding party to be had. So, with that in mind here’s a list of some things and questions to help get you started!!

What elopement vibe are you going for? 

Do you want to hike up the Rocky Mountains? Or say your vows on the side of Red Fish Lake? Deciding what vibe you want for the day will help the rest of the details fall right into place!

Do you want to write your vows/love letters the day of or bring them already written? 

Either way is beautiful, but having those gorgeous words to share with each other is one of the best moments of an elopement day! Sometimes it can be fun to write your vows on a fallen tree or next to the lake you’ll be seeing “I do” by. But there’s also a sense of ease knowing that you’ve already thought out everything you wanted to write and it’ll be exactly how you wanted to say it when you get up to read your vows to each other!

Are you bringing a family member/ friend officiant, hiring an officiant, or doing the courthouse ceremony before the actual elopement day? 

Any of these options work, and its all about what will make your elopement the easiest! Having a family member or friend officiate your wedding can bring a sense of personality and intimacy that can’t be replicated in any other way. Hiring an officiant can be the least stressful option and is the best option if you’re looking for a religious elopement ceremony! But there’s always the option of just doing the legal things before your actual elopement day so you won’t have to think about any of that!

Which part of Idaho do you want to elope in?

There are literally SO many Idaho elopement locations. And the list of gorgeous Airbnb cabins and locations goes on and on. 

Northern Idaho was a little more of a Washington vibe with all of their greenery and older buildings! 

Central Idaho has a ton of lakes and many mountain locations (like the Sawtooth Mountains) that could be the perfect place to elope! 

Southwest Idaho is home to Boise, ID and that gives the option to have a downtown elopement vibe while also being able to access great forest locations, awesome food, and great people!

Southeast Idaho is the closest to Jackson Hole, Wyoming (home of Teton National Park) as well as Yellowstone National Park. Not only is it closest to these national parks, but it’s also home to Island Park and the Palisades Dam which are some of the prettiest hidden gems in the state!

If you’re still iffy on which location is best for you, fill out my contact form and I’ll make sure you find the perfect place to elope in Idaho!! 

Which elopement vendors should you think about hiring?

The details of your elopement day are super important for that specific aesthetic you want! Hiring the right elopement vendors will make it soooo much easier for you to get that vibe without stressing over each and every detail!! In the list below I’ll be giving you several vendor types that could be perfect for you, and if you’re ready to get this party started go to my contact link and I’ll send you my absolute FAV Idaho Elopement Vendors. 

Idaho Elopement Photographer; your photographer can be so essential to how your elopement day goes. We as elopement photographers train ourselves to plan timelines, tell a story, and help our couples fall in love all over again on their elopement day. We are also way good at fixing suits and dresses to be picture perfect, holding dogs and babies WHILE snapping that perfect shot, and cheering your love on the entire day. 

-Idaho Elopement Florist: your floral arrangements can make your elopement ceremony so precious and gorgeous. Flowers can totally add to the overall vibe of your day. Finding that florist that fits your aesthetic is so important, and there’s so many kinds of florists in the Idaho areas that can help you out!!

-Idaho Elopement Planner: yes, they are out there! I mean I can plan an elopement as your photographer, but an elopement planner can really get into the nitty gritty details of your day, fix that tablescape when the wind inevitably blows in Idaho, and fight off the squirrels trying to eat your perfect charcuterie board! 

At the end of the day, whatever you decide for your Idaho Elopement day, it’ll be absolutely magical because you and your lover are finally saying “I do” and promising forever together!! Shoot me a message if you need more help planning your perfect Idaho Elopement, and I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!! <3

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The Best Guide on How to Elope in Idaho

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