Why You Should Do A Sparkler Exit for Your Perfect Wedding

I know the end of your wedding day is sometimes the last thing on your mind, but what better way to celebrate the perfect wedding day than to end it in an epic way?! Sparkler exits are literally the best and easiest wedding exit!!

How To Plan Your Sparkler Exit

First of all, get the big sparklers… like the BIG ones. There is nothing worse than lighting everybody’s sparklers and then the first peoples go out before you even make it half way through the tunnel of fire. Plus, the look way better for pictures because the sparkles can be higher than your heads!

What To Do During The Exit Walk

Keyword: walk. It is sooooo hard to get good pics in low lighting while the couple sprints through the 10 feet of sparklers! But don’t worry, I got you.

Take your time. Hold hands and think of it as you’re walking into your new life as a married couple!! And to make it even better, stop in the middle, kiss for a LONG time, and then continue on!! This will allow your photographer and videographer to get several shots during your exit, instead of like 3 sorta blurry and underexposed images…

Guest Instructions

Okay yes, there is fire in the air. But that doesn’t mean your guests need to be 50 feet apart from each other!! Have them skooch in just a bit, and as you pass them have your guests move in closer behind you and lift their sparklers in the air!

Sparkler wedding exits are so much fun and the best way to end a perfect day!!

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Why You Should Do A Sparkler Exit for Your Perfect Wedding

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