Sand Ceremony Wedding | Idaho Falls, ID | Hannah & Alex

Do you ever have those couples that are so fun your face hurts from smiling so much after their wedding day is over??? This is that couple for me!

Hannah and Alex had such a special wedding ceremony and reception at The Downtown Event Center that not only brought them closer together as a but also as a family. During the church ceremony, a special young family member sang a song for the couple that had everyone bawling their eyes out. You could just tell how much this meant to Hannah and Alex. What made this day even more special was when Alex’s two children wrote their own vows for Hannah and also got to say ‘I do’ which was literally the sweetest moment EVER😭

On the second day of their wedding reception, Hannah and Alex had a sand ceremony. The flowing sand and blending of the colors in a sand ceremony symbolizes the joining of two lives into one. The two different colored sands symbolize everything that the bride and groom have been or will become in the future. Does it get any sweeter than this?!😍 Having a sand ceremony is great for any couple who will be blending their family and wants to involve their children in their special day. 

To top off their best day ever, they had Busy Bee and Raised Southern Barbeque (which FYI are some of the best food trucks in southeast Idaho🤤) bring in the most delicious food!

This couple was seriously SO much fun to spend time with! They are both extremely outgoing and hilarious and are literally always laughing together. One of my FAVORITE parts of the day was when the wedding party ‘iced’ Hannah and Alex! This seriously made the day THAT much more fun! If my wedding party doesn’t ice me on my wedding day, I DON’T WANT IT😂

To end the night they had a sparkler send-off and scooted out of the reception by riding away on electric scooters!🛴



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