A Timeless Backyard Wedding |Victor, ID | Chloe & Tanner

Have you ever been to a wedding where you could just FEEL how absolutely loved and adored the couple is by everyone there? I had CHILLS at Chloe and Tanner’s backyard wedding because of this! The wedding was intimate and took place at Chloe’s father’s house in Victor, ID. Which FYI is the PERFECT location for a mountain wedding!😉

Big Hole BBQ catered the most delicious pulled pork and mac & cheese that I have ever had🤤and their custom wedding sweets and treats made by Better By The Batch were TO DIE FOR! 

When photographing weddings I prefer to use my Canon R6 and Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, together these two produce perfectly crisp images from near and far🤩 Photographing a smaller more intimate family wedding had me feeling like I was part of the family too. Everyone was seriously so welcoming and loving towards me, which as a wedding photographer, meant the world to me! 

This couple shares the sweetest, purest love for one another and it seems like they have been together for a lifetime. Chloe and Tanner opted for a private vow ceremony, which if you’re debating on having one, DO IT! I promise you will not regret it. These ceremonies are one of the most special moments you will ever get to share between just you and your significant other. During their vow ceremony, we were all literally SOBBING because of how sweet they are together.

And can we talk about how breathtaking Chloe looked with her hair done by Bailey Jones and in her wedding dress from Big Rock Bridal😍 and let’s not forget about Tanner absolutely rocking his wedding tux from Men’s Warehouse!

The love they share for one another is a love one can only DREAM of; vulnerable, intimate, and pure.

Get yourself a partner who looks at you the way Tanner looks at Chloe!👇🏼





A Timeless Backyard Wedding |Victor, ID | Chloe & Tanner

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