Teton National Park Engagement Photoshoot; Jacinda and Ian

When Jacinda reached out to me to take her and Ian’s engagements in the Tetons, my answer was of course YES YES YES!!! But wait, and she brought her fur babies too?! BONUS!!!

We started our adventure at Jenny Lake and were lucky enough to avoid the crowds. I quickly realized that these two were head over heels in LOVE with each other, and of course had to get their back story. 

The two of them officially “met” at a bar where Jacinda bartended, however Ian had accidentally snapped a photo of Jacinda at a Midget Wrestling event 3 years prior to their first actual conversation!! I thought that was an absolute wild coincidence. The kind of coincidence that makes you think some higher power really had a hand in the two of them eventually deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. 



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